A Parrot Leaves the Flock

As I drove along a winding country road, passing the lushest green paddocks imaginable, under hanging emerald vines and watched over by silent hills, a cheek-cracking smile spread across my face. I had no idea what a future with 4DP might look like, but I knew I was in the right place for me right now.

Twenty months have passed since then, and as this chapter of my work life closes, it only seems right to shine a light on a few peaks.

A Business with Sustainability at its Heart

Personally, I believe businesses have real responsibility and true power when it comes to effecting positive change in our world.

Businesses influence a broad network, from their suppliers to their employees, customers, and community. If we’re going to fight climate change, champion social justice, create happy communities and continue educating ourselves, businesses must be part of it. Four Drunk Parrots is genuinely on this journey and it has been a privilege for me, as Environmental Officer, to be involved in both our B Corp and Climate Neutral certification journeys.

I look forward to the news that both certifications have been achieved!

Working with Dolphins and Turtles

When Sonja announced we had secured an office in central Ballina (moving out of her home office) I did not realise we would literally be able to see dolphins from our desks. How many people can say that!? It’s not a privilege I take for granted.

What’s more, we’ve worked with some gorgeous organisations, not least of all Australian Seabird Rescue, which allowed me to attend a local turtle release and the rescue centre to learn about and support their work. As a wildlife lover, these were certainly highlights.

Fun, Family and Life

When thinking about the highlights I wanted to share, one of the first that sprang to mind was our team day at MovieWorld. As a team of mostly parents to toddlers, this was like a kids’ day out just for the adults! We laughed through roller coaster after roller coaster, ate ice cream and shared a drink or two. This CEO knows how to excite her team!

What’s more, as parents in a similar stage, we could commiserate over the loss of sleep, laugh over new toddler words, and empathise about seemingly endless sick days. Being part of a team is so much more than working together.

Work with Meaning

Of course, it wouldn’t be a job without work!

The diversity of clients under 4DP’s umbrella means a vast variety of work comprises our Asana. For me, two of the highlights were finding a new passion – unlocking and crafting Tone of Voice Guidelines for clients – and re-framing a modern-day retail madness – Black Friday. The latter saw my work with brands take a look at the real impact beyond the sales of Black Friday and help create messages with meaning, for two of our retail clients. Advertising has potential to do icky things in our world, but it can also be used to amplify a beautiful voice. That’s what I relish.

The former new passion – extracting a brand’s tone of voice – then also saw me write 92 product descriptions for one client. Now that was a learning curve!

Two other brands in which I was thrilled to be involved were Enova and Circular Cafes. The copywriting and email automation work I delivered were a pleasure to produce. As businesses on a mission to make environmental sustainability accessible to more people and organisations, their work raised my heart rate!


I am certain that the future for 4DP is bright. I’m proud to have been part of the journey and I can’t wait to see where the flight path takes these birds!