6 Reasons HubSpot Content Marketing Really Works!

Content Marketing is a business strategy focused on creating valuable content for customers. Its aim is to attract a defined audience and convert them. Unlike advertisement, you’re creating helpful content which your prospects can enjoy and learn from.

It’s not a new concept. Content marketing is being practiced for a long time. In 4200 B.C., cavemen have been writing on walls instructing people how to escape boars. In the ancient days, people used tools to write and publish their message. Today in the digital age, using the right tools effectively is important. HubSpot, for example, is an effective tool that can help you achieve an effective content marketing. Here are six reasons why HubSpot Content Marketing really works:

1. Builds Your Brand and Audience

Content Marketing builds your brand and followers. As you publish and distribute good content, people and search engines recognise you. You publish resources people and search engines love. The contents don’t just appear on your timeline and stay of sight. Content Marketing stays there and gives you opportunity to get recognition through time.

With your audience’s pain points in mind, you create good quality content. Search engines have become smarter with time and acknowledge high-quality content. This and other factors, lead to increased visibility and search rankings. And ultimately, you will turn strangers into leads. You now have more opportunities to win confidence by sharing your services or products. You have a higher chance to get paying customers. Over time, your brand gets stronger and your content cluster more succinct.

2. Compliments Your Inbound Strategy

Content Marketing strengthens your Inbound Marketing strategy. Content Marketing is a sub-topic of a wider subject which is Inbound Marketing. Inbound is more of a mindset of promoting your business through helpful resources. This includes content. Inbound encompasses other techniques outside content like technical SEO, contacts segmentation, chats, emails, automation and more.

Thankfully, there’s HubSpot that can help you navigate both the inbound and content marketing spheres. HubSpot provides tools for you to engage with customers like chats, chatbots, email systems and automation. HubSpot also supports you with materials so you can be successful with inbound.

3. Builds Trust

People don’t easily put their trust to anyone online. But businesses who provide in-depth content, demonstrate a deeper understanding and share valuable resources that earn the respect of people and search engines. You earn people’s trust. And when you gain trust, the easier and faster it will be for you to do sales.

4. Multiple Ways to Create, Repurpose and Promote

Content Marketing can be done in multiple ways. The most popular one is through blogs on your website. But it doesn’t end there. Your blog can be a starting point of a long term marketing strategy for your business. Build content up over time and add more value to it as knowledge expands. This is known as the Pillar or Cornerstone Content. Then use sections of your Pillar Content to promote to other channels such as print, social media or Youtube. You can also create a slideshow or ebook version to provide other ways to consume your content.

5. Show the Depths of a Topic

Identifying your niche topic and going deeper is very important for content marketing.

Having Content Marketing in place allows you to build topic clusters and sub-topics which will link towards that Pillar Content. Soon, search engines and customers recognise your expertise in that topic and begin coming to you for business opportunities.

6. Enables Long term Content Strategy

The key to success is mastery. And mastery is achieved through long-term strategy and knowledge build-up. With Content Marketing, you can accumulate your efforts to optimise a certain piece of content. Through high-ranking positions, you accumulate leads, customers and potential sales.

Content Marketing pushes you to plan a road map for the long term. This guides you through time, so your efforts don’t go scattered everywhere. You’ll then begin making confident and more tactical decisions regarding what topic you’ll be talking about, what format your content will take, and when you’ll be publishing it. With a content plan, you and your team can stay organised and even factor in ad hoc content requests like company initiatives or other on-demand marketing tasks. Build around topic clusters and link back to your “mother content.”

To sum up

Content Marketing, when done correctly, will help your business find prospects, gain trust and convert strangers into leads. With the right principles and practices in place, you become the thought leader for an industry.

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4DP Content Marketing 6 Reasons Why HubSpot Content Marketing Really Works