5 Print Ads That Left An Impression

Marketing is the life-blood of any business. It does not matter how cool your product is, it will never sell unless you create a marketing strategy that resonates well with people and motivates them into buying what you have to offer. So what about print ads?

There are several ways to market a product including print ads, which is the traditional marketing method that still offers up to 12.5 per cent returns.

Almost all businesses use print ads in some form but not all are able to get the desired results as very few marketers can make a point with an image. 

When you create a print ad, your job is to speak to your audience with just an image. Sadly, it is easier said than done. However, some companies appear to be doing it right.

Let’s have a look at five companies that hit the bull’s eye with print ads:

#1 Say No to Plastic

This popular ad is quite easy to decipher. It shows smoke coming out of a transparent, plastic water bottle. It highlights how the production of these water bottles pollutes the environment.

clever print ads

The purpose of this campaign was to create awareness regarding increasing pollution and to motivate manufacturers to try sustainable options. At the same time, it also tells buyers to be more responsive when purchasing drinking water.


#2 Keloptic: Van Gogh 

Unlike our previous option, this one highlights a product – eyewear. It was designed for a company that sells sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Print advertising ballina

The best thing about this ad is that it does not only highlight the product but also its benefit, i.e: the ability to see clearly. It shows that the glasses can help you see clearly telling people the company’s glasses can help them see better.

#3 Obesity Warning

This clever ad was designed for the French Ministry of Health to warn parents about the risk of obesity among children. Known as one of the most creative and effective print ads, it very neatly highlights the importance of staying away from unhealthy foods by turning something that kids love (icecream) into something harmful without appearing scary. 

Health Advertisement 2020

The ice cream appears as a fat belly to remind kids and parents that unhealthy foods can cause them to gain weight.

#4 Sugar Free Lollipops from Chupa Chups

You might have seen this image somewhere as it received tremendous acclaim when it was originally released to market sugar free lollipops from Chupa Chups. Many members also used it to create creative memes.

Awareness ads 2020

The image shows how ants are not interested in the product because it contains no sugar. The ad also highlights that the product isn’t harmful and consuming it will not cause any harm. 

#5 For LGBTQ Rights

Despite being legal in some parts of the world, homosexuality is still a taboo in some corners of the world. 

Absolut joined hands with BBH London and Stonewall to support the cause by creating a series of close-up shots of gay kisses with subjects belonging to countries where homosexuality is still punishable or hated.

LGTB ads 2020

These ads were well received and liked. Consider seeking professional help if you are looking for similar ads to give your business a boost.