5 Event Trends You Need to Know for 2021

So you want to plan an amazing event? Are you eager to leave your audience wanting more?
From COVID-safe events to utilising Hybrid formats, drive your event to places you couldn’t have dreamed of in 2020 with these 5 event trends for 2021.


1. Safety first

Health and safety measures have changed for good and your events need to embrace this movement and remove any hesitation around these measures. Communicate clearly with your guests and create an open atmosphere that embraces safety for all.

This year we’ll see COVID check-in processes will become integrated with event registration and smart masks will be used for improved face-to-face interactions.

Image of two people in masks touching elbows
2. Unreal events

“You’re on mute” became a meme and Zoom fatigue was all too real, trying to recreate live events virtually was a steep learning curve for most of us. However, virtual events are here to stay and interactivity will be the key to an event’s success.

New ways to engage attendees will emerge, including:

  • A rise in the use of custom and interactive event platforms.
  • An increase in meeting-style virtual events with all attendees asked to have the camera on and interact throughout.
  • Implementing engaging gamification and contribution to virtual event journeys.


3. Let’s get intimate

Traditional face-to-face large-scale events were crushed in 2020 and 2021 won’t see much change. Small-scale, intimate events will be key to connecting face-to-face and engaging your audience if Hybrid or Virtual events are not an option. Smaller corporate events, team building and workshops will grain momentum this year.

4. Hybrid venues

The demand for Hybrid events is so high that venues are renovating; turning rooms into studios and creating space for production teams to easily come in and stage engaging Hybrid events. This harmony of integration between the hybrid components leads to improved experiences that don’t take away from the attendees’ live experience of the event but enhance it.
With their increasing popularity and success hybrid and virtual events are the way of the future.

Image of several people in a zoom meeting
5. Sustainable events

In the not so distant past, you’d see attendees travelling vast distances by plane, train or automobile to attend an event. The impact on the environment was significant, as were the costs involved. This year there will be a conscious effort to host more Hybrid and Virtual events to reduce the impact on the environment and the pocket.


Now you have an idea about how you’ll make your event amazing, it’s time to market it!

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