5 Elements an Accountancy Website Should Have

No doubt technology has introduced several drastic changes in different dimensions of the world, including business. It is not long ago when businesses used conventional methods such as newspaper ads to market themselves and their portfolio among prospects. However, with the advent of the internet, the whole scenario of doing business changed drastically. From selling products on e-platforms to offering different services online, most businesses nowadays are focusing more on strengthening their online presence including on accounting websites.

Presently, most accounting firms are using the internet to make their services easily accessible to clients. However, just like any other business, accounting firms are also facing strict competition, and the race to become a dominant player is skyrocketing.

If you are an accountant who is planning or already doing business online then it is imperative for you to know some of the basic elements that will ensure the effectiveness of your accountancy website. While choosing the level of complexity of your website is up to you, ignoring the 5 basic elements in your accountancy website can hurt your business badly in the long-run.

Below are the 5 vital elements that an accountant or an accounting firm should ensure in their business website:

Content is King:

Yes, you heard it right!

Content is the most powerful thing that can persuade customers and assure them that they are at the right place to have their requirements fulfilled. When it comes to accountancy websites, creating content that showcases a perfect balance between readability and the technicality of the topic is of great importance.

While content drafting, it is important to recognise the target audience and the writing style that can connect with the audience effectively. For instance, if you or your accounting firm specialises in working with corporate giants, creating content that follows more formal and sophisticated tone is recommended. On the other hand, semi-formal and flexible content is suitable for accountants dealing with medium-scale companies and startups.

Selecting simpler words tend to relate directly to the topic and are more effective as most readers usually scan the content in a hurried manner. Investing a significant amount of time to read a complex array of words is hardly anyone’s preference. So, it is important to put greater emphasis on content that is engaging. Short paragraphs with subheadings along with visual design elements are preferred to make complex topics easily understandable.

Adding Credibility to Accounting Websites

Showcasing your clientele on your accountancy website is simply not enough to demonstrate your capabilities and competency as an accountant. Every client wants to hire an accountant or an accounting firm which is trustworthy and knows how to deliver high-quality services.

Consequently, your website should feature elements that highlight the credibility of your accounting services. In addition, by augmenting the credibility of your website, visitors will feel more confident in approaching your services.

You can add the following type of credentials to your website:

  •        Honours and Awards received by you or your firm
  •        Educational background and accomplishments of members of your firm
  •        Working years, number of offices, growth in recent years, etc.
  •        Articles featured in prominent publications written by you or your firm’s personnel

Contact Options and Client Handling

If a visitor likes your services described on the accounting websites then there are chances that he/she will try to make contact with you. This will eventually can lead to a business sale. However, sprawling the accountancy website with luring offers is something that you should definitely avoid. Instead, why not focus on offering visitors different methods of contacting such as phone number, email and inquiry form. Additionally, it is a good practice to feature the contact button at the top section of every page of the website.

Pertaining to the inquiry form, it should be simple and the required fields should be as less as possible. It is also good to put alongside the form of a privacy statement, which assures the security of visitor’s information.

Furthermore, an email can be sent automatically to the visitors’ mailboxes informing the successful submission of their inquiry form. and the next steps that will be taken from your end. One important thing that you should bear in your mind is that you should respond to the queries at your earliest possible convenience.

Technically Sound and Easy to Use

While creating or upgrading your website, it is important to ensure that the website is at the forefront in terms of technical features. If the website lacks certain necessary technical features, there are high chances of prospects and current customers becoming frustrated and leaving the website.

Your accountancy website should have certain features and qualities, including fast page loading speeds. Moreover, the number of users accessing the internet via mobile phones is increasing day by day. Making your website mobile-friendly today is a definite must.

Trouble-Free Navigation

One of the most important qualities that your website should possess is an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for visitors to navigate through the website. Overcrowding website’s headers/footers and use of animations everywhere might leave visitors completely perplexed, thus, this should be avoided. Employing simple but functional header and footer menus are suggested to ensure hassle-free navigation on your website.

Among many, below are two websites that perfectly combine all the 5 elements that make an accountancy website user-friendly and highly functional:

  1.    Full Stack

Fullstack Accounting & Tax - example of accounting websites

  1. Pinnacle Tax and Accounting

Pinnacle Tax Services - example of accounting websites

By employing the above stated 5 elements in your accounting websites, you can make sure that your business stays ahead of the game by attracting prospects and selling your services. If your current website lacks any of the elements discussed in this article then it is sensible to upgrade it as soon as possible.

Good Luck!