Elevate Your Email Marketing with these 11 Design Trends for 2021

Take your email marketing strategy from bland to grand in 2021!
With these 11 fresh new email design trends you’ll engage your readers and convert prospects into customers in no time.

1. Bold Typography
Typography is taking over and bold typography is leading the charge. Both easy to read and drawing the reader’s attention, there’s no doubt bold typography will be an invaluable asset in your email arsenal.

2. Dark Mode
More and more people are turning to the dark side… for their emails! Dark Mode is being rapidly adopted and your emails should be designed to be Dark Mode compatible.

To improve compatibility you might put a white border around your text or logo so that it’s easier to read in Dark Mode.

3. Gradients
Stand out from the crowd by creating unique backgrounds with gradients. Gradients will keep your readers captivated and help guide them through your email.

Image of laptop with colourful gradient background

4. Emotional Design
Engage your reader by using colors and imagery to evoke the right emotion for the right situation. You might use blue to evoke serenity or images that reflect excitement for discount promotions.

5. Neumorphism
Neumorphism is a stunning visual tool that will create a unique experience and highlight key content for your readers. It uses subtle shadow and light effects to create an illusion where elements look to protrude from the background. Visually satisfying and accessible, it’s definitely a design to utilise this year.

6. Texture
Showcase the key areas of your email using texture and shading on 2D images and illustrations. Texture will give more depth to your emails, whether through using gradients, tints, patterns or colour contrasts. You won’t be disappointed.

7. 3D Images
From textured 2D images and illustrations to 3D in 2021. There is unique depth and engagement created through a 3D image. While it can be a bit tricky to create a 3D image for an email design, it will make your email come alive and boost engagement with your readers.

Image of 3D glasses

8. Collage
A 2021 trend crashing onto the scene will be collaging, particularly using bits and pieces from different images to create a single image. It will give your readers a surreal feeling and stir their interest. Handy hint: use this design style sparingly so you don’t overwhelm your readers.

9. Muted Colours
Muted colours were on the rise in 2020 and it’s continuing into 2021. Muted colour palettes are desaturated by adding some white, black, or other complementary colours. Used extensively by health brands to convey safety, muted colours can also give your emails a sense of steadiness and authority.

10. Monochrome
Monochrome email design doesn’t have to be black or white, it could be red all over! You can experiment with monochrome with any colour you choose. Monochrome and minimalism will be an unstoppable duo moving into 2021.

11. Illustrated Animations
When you combine the power and appeal of illustrations and GIFs you’ll create illustrated animations to disrupt the market. With illustrated animations your emails will be distinct, engaging, and will encourage readers to engage with your call to action.


Wrap up

So, which email design trends will you be using this year to boost your marketing strategy?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help take your email marketing to a whole new level in 2021.