Stay Top Dog of the News Feed

We are all looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year. Everywhere are lights covering houses, you hear “Last Christmas” on the radio and there is soooooo much good food in December. Well, and it’s also the time of the year where you celebrate with your colleagues.   An office Christmas party can be a minefield for some people. Some might say that it is common sense to behave and that you should know your limits. What if you had too much booze and you start loosening up? Here are 10 NO GO’S to avoid that might save your job.

1. Don’t try to jump over the Christmas tree

There will always be injuries no matter what and even if you consider yourself as fit and strong. Honestly, who wants to be picked up by an ambulance during the party?

2. Stay away from office gossip

Stay with small talk or get out a few jokes but never be involved in the office gossip. Be kind and not one of these judgmental people thinking they rule the office.

3. Don’t tell your co-worker his/her secret nickname at work

There was once a co-worker of mine and he fell from a boat into the water as he had been too close to the edge. Luckily nothing happened but ever since his secret nickname was Danger. Well, we thought that was funny – he didn’t. Breaking the news at the Christmas function would have ruined the night for him.

4. Don’t mention your medical history

Talking about how you are doing and what is bothering you might be fine but opening up on all your medical history is really not necessary. It will make us all just uncomfortable.

5. Don’t engage your co-worker in too long conversations

Well, being engaged is great but don’t overrule a conversation. Try to find a topic which interests all of the people involved.

6. Don’t leave too early

Even if you are bored – please don’t show that! Leave at a reasonable time but not too early as it may look antisocial.

7. Don’t leave people on their own

Don’t just leave someone standing by him/herself and you could pair him/her up with somebody else before moving on to the next mingle.

8. Don’t skip the party

Don’t make any rushed decision before giving RSVP. Of course you might have something else planned which cannot be changed but if not please show your commitment to the company and be present.

9.  Don’t dress inappropriately

This is often the hardest part, especially for women. What should I wear? You don’t want to be overdressed and casual might look like you don’t care that much. Well, it is often the best asking some of your work-buddies what they might wear. It also helps to google the location if you are knowing where the party will take place.

10. Don’t drink too much

We all like the sound of an open tap at a party but remind yourself that you are in your work environment and you don’t want to be the center of next year’s gossip. There are also a few tricks that might help you to drink less.


A: Be the driver because then you have a legal limit otherwise you need to figure out your ride home.


B: Order an alcoholic drink you don’t like and just nip on it once in a while.

Stay strong! There will be other occasions you can knock yourself out.

Remember even if you might have a blackout in the morning there will also be that one person sober who was filming everything. You can have fun without alcohol.