1% For the Planet Membership Renewal

Check it out, Four Drunk Parrots is 1% For the Planet Certified (AGAIN!). We recently renewed our membership to continue commit at least one percent of of revenue to causes that improve the planet. We say “ at least 1%” because this time around we doubled our contribution. That right, DOUBLED. We ran the numbers and gave 218% of our membership requirements.

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Giving back just feels so damn good – we can’t stop. 

So we’re back at it again this year. This is our 2nd year of certification. And who knows, maybe this year we’ll give 3%

But enough about us, let’s talk about One Percent For the Planet for a minute. You might have some questions like what they actually do? Are they a legit charity? How do I join t? What other companies are involved, and how can I give them my money?  

What does 1% For the Planet do?

1% For the Planet is a global charity organisation, aimed at helping businesses of any size to do their part to give back. Members include businesses, nonprofits and even individuals! 1% do all the heavy lifting by calculating 1% of your yearly revenue, collecting and distributing donations to verified organisations who are working to restore our beautiful planet.

If you’ve read Atomic Habits by James Cleary, you will have already heard that “If you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done”. Well, by giving back 1% of total annual sales or salary, businesses and individuals can become 1% better for the planet every year that they hold membership!

Is this legit?

1% with the highest possible transparency, and minimal donations lost to administration fees. Businesses can even register their own charity work with registered organisations, which is then translated into a financial value to count towards your yearly donations. If a charity organisation is not already registered with 1% For the Planet, businesses can submit a form which allows any verified organisation to be added to their nonprofit partner register.

How do I join this club of conscious businesses who give back to our planet?

It really couldn’t be much easier to start making a real difference. Businesses and individuals can register online with 1% For the Planet, verify annual sales or income, and give 1% either directly to 1% For the Planet for distribution, or record your own donations and volunteer hours.

Do you want to be part of the revolution for a better business and a better world?

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Head to the 1% For the Planet sign up page to get started